Hair Colour Correction

At Cutting Room our team of experienced colourists
understand the complications and potential disasters that can occur when an incorrect colour
choice or application has been made.

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Hair Colour Correction at Cutting Room Streatham

We are experts in the art of hair colour application. Mixing hair colour is like chemistry – and sometimes experiments can go wrong! Whether you have ended up with a hair colour crisis because you took your chances with a box dye, had a bleaching disaster or simply have incorrect tone – don’t panic…

Fixing Your Hair Colour Disaster

It’s not always as easy as you think to correct hair colour disasters, applying another colour over the top isn’t always the answer and can open up a whole new can of worms! That’s why it’s best left to the experts at our hair to get you back on track.
Cutting Room is home to the best in professional corrective hair colouring services and will have your locks looking shiny and new in no time.

Your Hair Colour Correction Consultation

Once we have carried out a detailed hair colour consultation where we analyse your hair, skin tone and complexion we can then formulate and customise a colour recipe to ensure a successful hair colour for you, with beautiful results.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Colour Tones in Hair

Hair colour if not used correctly can quite easily go wrong and often results in unwanted orange or brassy tones if hair hasn’t been lightened correctly. Your hair tone can also look khaki coloured and flat if you have gone from very light blonde to brunette. This can simply be corrected by neutralising or adding tone to get the desired tonal effect ensuring stunning hair colour results.

Hair Colour is Too Dark

What do you do if your hair colour has turned out too dark? To get your hair back on track highlights can be added to help lighten your hair colour or a gentle hair cleanse can be carried out – this is where the hair colour experts at Cutting Room strip the hair colour to achieve a lighter result.

Hair Colour is Too Light

Help, my hair colour has turned out too light! Its OK if your hair colour turns out too light, help is on hand from our friendly colourists who will change the depth of your hair colour to get the shade you desire. This might be achieved by a full head colour application or by adding some darker tones with highlights. Our talented team will advise you on what is best.

Highlights are Too Obvious

This problem can easily be solved by breaking the existing highlights up with a different hair colour. By ensuring the correct placement of foils and altering the size of weave allows the best hair colourists in Cutting Room to work their magic and create your perfect look!

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