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Haircuts and Styles at Cutting Room

A good haircut can transform the way you look and feel and be a great confidence booster.

At Cutting Room hair & beauty salon we want to give you the ultimate hairdressing experience by delivering high quality haircuts and styles every time.

So, no matter if your hair is super short or mega long put your trust in the best hairdressers in Halesowen who will ensure you leave the salon looking good and feeling fabulous.

Our talented team of hair stylists will carry out a detailed hair cutting consultation to find out your expectations.

We will discuss the total appearance of the cut (including your own personal style, face shape, and hair growth patterns) to ensure the haircut works for you.

Ideas for Short Cropped Hairstyles

Short hair cuts are great if you don’t have the time for excessive styling. A quick fluff up and a bit of hair product then away you go! The pixie crop is a cool classic cut that is both stylish and edgy. Leave length for a longer pixie style that can be worn tucked behind the ears.

Hair Ideas for Lobs & Bobs

The classic one length is still a firm favourite and works well worn sleek or curly.

Nowadays you’re spoilt for choice with how to wear your bob. Add layers to create volume, add graduation to remove bulk or go A-symmetrical for a modern feel. With a cut that never goes out of fashion you’re onto a winner

Hair Ideas for Longer Hair

People often have the misconception that long hairstyles don’t need to be maintained. Wrong!

If you want long luscious shiny locks, then regular trims are a must. They help to remove spilt ends which will keep hair looking healthy. If your long hairstyle is really heavy , try adding layers to remove bulk and add movement.

Ideas For Fringes & Bangs

The word fringe is often greeted with fear as we remember last time when we tried to cut it ourselves with toe nail scissors as it “can’t be that hard”, can it??

At Cutting Room we know that a fringe can make or break a haircut, so no matter if it’s chunky, full, swept or a short micro fringe we have you covered!

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